Saturday, March 23, 2013

Who remembers me

This is going to sound really corny, ready?  For a short time I was addicted to the movie "Mama Mia", staring Meryl Streep.  What do I mean by addicted?  I would watch the movie all day long on my days off.  NO kidding, all my waking hours.  I would watch it several times after I got home from work.  The songs would play in my head when I wasn't in front of the DVD player. Hard core stuff.  I knew I had hit rock bottom when I lived for an ABBA song to be played on the Muzak at work.  I know, I shake my head in disbelief too!

Do you know the movie?  It's about an ex-girl band lead singer, Donna, that buys a villa on an island in Greece.  Her 20 year old daughter is getting married, and three ex-lovers show up for the wedding.  Turns out one of the three ex-lovers might be the daughter's dad.  Donna doesn't know which guy is the father, because she had been with them within a couple weeks of each other.  Oh, and the movie is all set to ABBA songs, seriously.

Here is what fascinated me the most.  The fact that three ex-lovers came to see her after 20 years!  Yes, 20 years!  They didn't know anything about the daughter.  Donna hadn't told any of them they might be a father.  What was the draw?  What had happened that made them want to see her again after so long?

Made me wonder.  Who from the past remembers me?  Do I cross the mind of an ex-lover?  Does Denny ever look out a window, let his mind drift back and then smile warmly?  Or, Bill, or George, or anything but Sue?  (Okay that last one was to see if you were paying attention).  Would any of my ex-lovers travel to see me, after all this time?  Who remembers me? 

I don't dwell on the question too long.  I just wonder, now and again.  Sometimes, I remember someone and say, "what an asshole", under my breath.  Other times, I stare out the window, let my mind drift back and smile warmly.