Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Words of comfort...

...that don't quite do the job. Thanks to all that helped me with this list.

10. Time heals all wounds.
9. Love is blind, and you were blinded.
8. Get a grip, it's just a man.
7. If you are that lonely, find someone else the Internet is full of losers.
6. Pull yourself up by your boot strings.
5. Find yourself, know yourself and love will find you.
4. Better to have loved and lost, than to never have loved at all.
3. He's a nice guy, but he doesn't know what he wants.
2. He goes through women like most people go through underwear.

Drum roll please!! The number 1 words of comfort that didn't quite do the job....

1. I have a new lady friend, I hope that doesn't make you sad, but I'm very happy!!!

Actually, my sister Barb sent me words that were comforting. Barb told me that love is not instant. She said that two visits and a bunch of phone calls does not constitute a relationship. A relationship matures over years of companionship, with verbal sparing, caring, tragedy and a firm ground of knowing how each other ticks.

Barb also said, love comes in many forms. What I had is now what it was, let it go. Barb said to free myself of the bitterness, or it will poison me from finding new love. Thanks Barb, I love you.

Monday, December 15, 2008

The smell of dead

A few weeks ago, I went to Gerald's to see my boy, Patch. I didn't cry when I got there, like I thought I would. He had gotten bigger! When he came over to me, he wasn't sure at first. Then after a quick sniff of my hand, he wanted to climb up my leg. Of course I picked him up, and cuddled him for quite a bit.

I went up on the hill where Gerald's dogs exist, and petted them too. Shelby was very happy to see me. The only one I didn't go see was Gimpy the cow. We called her Gimpy because she had been injured and walked kind of crippled.

I had left some DVD's at Gerald's. So he and I went in the house to get them. Among his stuff, Gerald has a beautiful house. When I walked in I was struck by an awful odor. As if he hadn't flushed the toilet in three weeks. When I lived there, the house didn't stink. At the time, I couldn't figure out what the smell was. After a couple of days I realized the odor was the smell of dead. Gerald's house was dead. There was no soul. No life in it. How sad is that?

Sunday, December 14, 2008

My first Fallinter in Montana

I moved to Montana from Northern Wisconsin. Sixty miles south of Lake Superior, where we frequently got lake effect snow. So, I am no stranger to snow in the Fall, Winter, or cold. They had snow before Halloween this year.

Here in the part of Montana I call home, we got our first stick-on-the-ground-more-than-a-dusting snowfall the other day. It wasn't enough for me to make a snow angel, which disappoints me a bit. I love to make snow angels! I need there to be lots of snow, so I don't feel like I am laying on the ground. I want to feel like I am floating on a cloud of snow. Plus at my age, it is getting harder to get up off the ground, once I get down. My baby brother says I am at the fall down and break my hip stage.

I love winter. I could spend hours outside shoveling snow. When I was a kid, we had snowmobiles. I would spend hours and hours riding a snowmobile in the field across from my grandparents' house. My mom would have to demand that I stop long enough for her check me for frostbite. Then I would be off riding again. I have some really awesome memories of family snowmobile trips. Sigh, what fun.

In Wisconsin I took care of my brother's dog, Mozes. When I would go outside to make snow angels, Mozes would go with me. He was a Rottweiler/Black Lab mix. Not a small dog. That is important to know, because when I would be laying in the snow, making a snow angel, Mozes thought it was play time. He would run and jump on me. I can laugh about it now, because all of the bruises have healed. Heavy sigh, fun stuff.