Friday, December 5, 2008

I'm trainable

Where I am living, the homeowners have a dog named Samantha. She is part cocker spaniel and I think some kind of lab. She is a really sweet dog. The other day she taught me a new trick (like I said, I'm trainable). Usually when Sam wants in, she'll scratch at the door to my apartment. The other evening, I heard a scratch at the door. I opened the door, and there was no Sam. So, I checked the door that goes from the apartment to the house, and there she was.....wagging her tail. She walked to the pantry door, and wanted me to give her a treat. Of course I did!! Sam is funny, and she is a good people trainer. I like that in a dog.

They also have a kitten. Her name is Stickers. I sometimes really think she should be called Spaz, because of the way she runs and bounces off of the walls. She is cute, and yes, sometimes her eyes do glow red....even if no flash is going off. Yesterday she tried to jump up on my shoulder. I am not tall, but she couldn't jump that high. Pretty funny stuff.

Update 12/27/08:
I almost forgot to mention Oakley. He is the neighbors yellow lab. I've been told he is about a year old. He is a big puppy, with really long legs. I guess you could call Oakley the neighborhood barker/protector. He barks when anyone comes in the yard here. Then backs off if challenged. I hear too, that Oakley is a thief, if you leave anything of value laying around, he takes it home with him. So far, I haven't lost anything to Oaks. Oakley is full of energy, and lots of times when he comes over for a visit, he runs full throttle around the yard. Oakley is a good face washer.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Hate, what is it good for?

Hate - verb (used with an object), to dislike intensely or passionately; feel extreme aversion for or extreme hostility toward; detest; to hate the enemy; to hate bigotry.

I admit, I have used the word hate too much lately. So much so, that I am tired of hating or saying I hate Gerald. I don't hate him, and probably never did. I was hurt and lashing out. Besides, I didn't like what the hate was doing to me. The person I was becoming, because I used the word hate.

I hear other people use the word hate. Some people say how they hate another person, because of the other person's behavior. I observe these people. What I often see is the hater doing the same behaviors the hatee does. It makes me wonder, does the hater hate themselves? Or, do they not realize they are doing the behavior too?

So, I am done hating. I don't like it, don't wanna do it anymore. When I catch myself starting to say I hate something, or hate Gerald, I stop myself. When it comes down to it, Gerald probably couldn't give a damn if I hate him or not. And, if it isn't going to hurt him a little bit, why should I hurt myself by feeling it? (I'm sure there have been research studies done on the affects of hate on a person's health....I love myself too much to get sick over him).