Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The porch swing

I told "him" about a song I used as an anthem on a quest I was on to find Mr. Forever. The song is "Drift Off To Dream" by Travis Tritt. In it there is a line about a porch swing. "He" went out and bought the CD. Said he cried when he heard the song. That it was his anthem too. He was on a quest to find Ms. Forever. And then he built me a porch swing.

Monday, September 22, 2008

My story is simple

Yep, it is simple. I met a guy, we fell in love, and I moved 1500 miles away from family and friends to be with him. Only for him to decide he wasn't in love with me. Well, it took him a couple of months to decide that. To say I was devastated is, well an understatement for sure.

I got the I love you like a friend, but I'm not in love with you speech. I want us to be friends because we think alike and like to do the same things. Huh!!??!!

I'll go back to the beginning. In January I joined eHarmony for what I hoped was the last time in my life. I had joined off and on for a couple of years. And, each time I joined, I got sick to my stomach....because, I dreaded the process. In January it was different. I felt I was going to succeed this time. I wasn't sick to my stomach.

The middle of February, I was matched with "him". I saw something in his face, his shy smile, his profile caught my attention. I had been matched over my time on eHarmony with almost 1,000 men. This guy stood out. So, for only the second time in my eHarmony history, I initiated contact. I wanted to get to know this man.

As with my matches that I communicate with, I checked other dating sites, to see if he was out there trolling. I found him on Yahoo Personals. His profile was kind of the same, a little more detail. On eHarmony he said he didn't smoke, on Yahoo Personals he said he smoked sometimes. I know that seems minor, but I have asthma and couldn't even think of being around smoke. He also said on eHarmony that he only drank a few times a year, you'll read later why this is important.

It took him a few weeks to answer my first set of questions. I nudged him, because I really wanted to get to know him. I felt he was the "one". And he lived in a part of the country I was totally in love with, Montana. Glacier NP is my favorite place on earth.