Sunday, December 14, 2008

My first Fallinter in Montana

I moved to Montana from Northern Wisconsin. Sixty miles south of Lake Superior, where we frequently got lake effect snow. So, I am no stranger to snow in the Fall, Winter, or cold. They had snow before Halloween this year.

Here in the part of Montana I call home, we got our first stick-on-the-ground-more-than-a-dusting snowfall the other day. It wasn't enough for me to make a snow angel, which disappoints me a bit. I love to make snow angels! I need there to be lots of snow, so I don't feel like I am laying on the ground. I want to feel like I am floating on a cloud of snow. Plus at my age, it is getting harder to get up off the ground, once I get down. My baby brother says I am at the fall down and break my hip stage.

I love winter. I could spend hours outside shoveling snow. When I was a kid, we had snowmobiles. I would spend hours and hours riding a snowmobile in the field across from my grandparents' house. My mom would have to demand that I stop long enough for her check me for frostbite. Then I would be off riding again. I have some really awesome memories of family snowmobile trips. Sigh, what fun.

In Wisconsin I took care of my brother's dog, Mozes. When I would go outside to make snow angels, Mozes would go with me. He was a Rottweiler/Black Lab mix. Not a small dog. That is important to know, because when I would be laying in the snow, making a snow angel, Mozes thought it was play time. He would run and jump on me. I can laugh about it now, because all of the bruises have healed. Heavy sigh, fun stuff.

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Mozes said...

who needs to be smart when you are this good looking...and be thankfull I didn't take you hat and run off with it..ruf ruf bark bark..