Saturday, June 20, 2009


When I first moved to Montana, and then started my bakery job, I used to see people and think, 'Hey that person looks like so-and-so in Wisconsin.' It would happen time and again.

There was one time a woman walked up to the counter, and I thought it was my mom. I had tears in my eyes when I took her order. Another time, I did a double take because there was a man that on first glance I thought was my dad, to the point of walking the same way. Of course neither of these people were my mom and dad, because Mom and Dad are in Wisconsin.

I've noticed lately, that the faces have become blurry. Now when I see someone, I wonder if they look like someone from back in Wisconsin, or if I remember their face from here in Montana. The old faces I knew seem to have become less familiar than the new faces I am becoming familiar with now.


Katy said...

Gosh you've really captured an interesting experience here, Boni. I think I know what you mean, to an extent anyway. I know that during times when I'm feeling very emotional (good or bad!) then I'm very likely to find familiarity in the faces of strangers. Maybe it's a kind of 'wish fulfillment' type thing?? I don't know, but I do understand what you mean and thank you for posting this - much to think about.

its_me_in_montana said...

Hi Katy,

Thanks for stopping by, and for the comment.

The post for me was more of an observation. I have heard many times that everyone has a "twin" somewhere. Someone that looks like them.

As always, I enjoy reading your posts. Thank you for your insight.

Peace, Boni