Saturday, August 7, 2010

and he prays

To say my dad is distraught over my mom being in the nursing home would be an understatement. Not just from the loneliness of being away from the woman he has been married to for almost 65 years, and has loved for over 68 years, but from everything going on in regards to her care.

At 85 years old, my dad has lost control of his life, and his wife. Power of Attorney regarding my mom's health has been taken over by one of their grandchildren. Who in turn "pushed" to have my mom deemed medically incompetent. Since doing so, my father has been told he could be arrested if he took his wife of almost 65 years, and the love of his life for over 68 years, out of the nursing home. No going to church. No going out to celebrate birthdays. No going for drives on beautiful, sunny days. No going home.

They are both very lonely. A kind of loneliness that I don't think another person can comprehend, unless they have been in love like my parents are. A love that has inner-twined their very beings with one another.

So, my dad goes up to the nursing home two, sometimes three times a day. He says sometimes he sits for hours and watches her sleep. (Not understanding how he cannot control what is going on with his wife. Oft times not being told what is going on with her care.) And he prays. One time, he said, he prayed for hours that his wife of almost 65 years, and the love of his life for over 68 years, would die. It would be easier, easier than reliving the loneliness she feels when he gets up to leave, and the loneliness he feels as he walks down the hall without her, unable to take her home.


Fram Actual said...

What you are describing, Montana, is precisely the reason I would never allow myself to reach such a point in my life.

What you are describing also is the absolute best description of why the American people are fools to allow the government to seize control of their lives in the manner it has been doing for the past two years.

its_me_in_montana said...


Thanks for the your thoughts. I can truly say that if the family member in charge of my mom's care, the one not telling my dad what is going on, were part of the government of our country....I would either be in prison or another country!

Although I would never want to see anyone, including myself, in the situation my folks are in, I do look forward to being in love like they are.

Thanks again for stopping by. Peace to you dear Fram.

nuch said...