Saturday, October 16, 2010

What I've learned in the past few weeks...

....about some parts of life (but not all, well maybe).

It's all bullshit! And what isn't bullshit is a joke!

I might expound on these statements another time, who knows.


Fram Actual said...

What took you so long to realize that, Bonnie?

As a master of the American novel, none other than Ernest Hemingway once put it, "Life's a joke, and don't forget it."

It would be interesting to hear you comment further about this matter.

its_me_in_montana said...

Well Fram, I suppose I realized it a very long time ago to be sure. I have just gotten so frustrated lately that I felt it was time to let it out. To let the world know that I know.

Most of my frustrations lately have been work related. I work in a bakery! The only significant change we make in people's lives is to their cholesterol levels! The management seems to think the job is rocket science and they are the only astrophysicists around! Duh!

I have other frustrations that involve my fellow Montanans. That is fodder for a future post.

Thanks for stopping by. I hope I didn't disappoint you with my explanation. I kept it short, so I wouldn't swear!

Have a great day Fram, hope the sunset over Lake Washington takes your breath away!