Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Please, leave your baggage at the curb

I don't bring much baggage from relationship to relationship. I don't intend to judge other men by who or what Gerald is.

I can't say Gerald does the same. I got the strong impression, that he never intends to let go of his baggage, or the hurt inflicted on him by his past relationships. Whether the hurt be changing their mind, doing something vicious, or whatever wrong he believes it was. Let it go! How can you move forward when you are dragging such a heavy load around with you?

I feel that was very unfair to me (I know, I know, life isn't always fair). Seems like I was frequently tested to see if I would react to things the way his exes did. I would mentally wipe my brow and say whew after passing each test, thinking it would be the last. Only to be tested again. I am different than those women. The only thing we ever had in common was loving Gerald.

One day a realization hit me like a Mack truck!! I had been so busy not being Gerald's exes, that I forgot to be myself. How sad is that, because I am funny, smart, sincere, honest, kind, (my friends tell me wonderful [blush], and the list of my attributes goes on and on. I am a great catch:o)

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