Thursday, February 19, 2009

She wasn't "Psycho" after all

No, I really believe she was just a woman scorned.

In an earlier post, I mentioned Gerald's 3rd wife, the one he called "Psycho Bitch". I've been thinking about old #3 lately, and the so called "vicious" (by Gerald's definition, certainly not mine) thing he said she did to him.

Gerald and #3 only lived together a few months after they were married. He told me she moved out and back into her own house. He said he remained friends with her, and would spend time talking with her, doing things for her, etc.

The following January, he had placed an ad on Yahoo Personals. I think it was in February that a woman intiated contact with him. They e-mailed and IM each other for four weeks, but never met or talked on the phone. By March he was in love with her. I mean in l-o-v-e, even tho he hadn't really seen pictures of her or anything. They made plans to meet 100 miles away in Missoula, at the airport, even tho the woman was supposed to be from the Kalispell area (40 miles from his house).

So he goes down to Missoula to meet his love (still never having talked to her on the phone or meeting her in person). He gets to the airport, and she does not get off the plane. There is no such flight. So he waits for the next flight, nope, nothing. He drives home to find the lock cut on his gate. His computer was damaged and things were missing. Turns out #3 had posed as the woman.

Now, I'm not saying what she did was right or wrong. I can't say if revenge is a good or bad thing. BUT, damn the thought that went into getting even with him!! They were still married. Imagine finding out your husband has an ad on a personals web site. Imagine your husband telling you about a woman he is communicating with. Imagine hearing your husband talk about how wonderful that woman is.

Maybe I am a little envious that I didn't think of some way to get even. Some way to hurt him as bad as he hurt me. But, alas, I'm not that way. There are higher powers that will take care of that kind of thing. For now, I would just like to say to #3, "You go girl!"


Fram said...

That is a funny story.

Sometimes there is a bit of justice in the world.

Just forget him, would be my thought, and concentrate on your own future.

its_me_in_montana said...

I have, and I am. Thanks.