Monday, February 16, 2009

We were the Shangri-Las

Yep, we were. When our folks were gone in the evening we'd put on a Shangri-Las album. Then Betty, Barb and I would dress up and pretend to be the Shangri-Las. Our microphones were hair brushes. We used the stairs as a stage prop, walking down them singing. (Yes, of course, I only moved my lips.)

Betty dated a "greaser" named Dave. So, "Leader of the Pack" was a song we had to "perform" over and over and over. Betty says that even now her kids know the lyrics to the song.

Barb, Betty and I had never talked about Grandma's yodeling before I posted it as my favorite music memory. Growing up it seems each kid had their own memories, their own perspective on how life was. They both said they loved Grandma's yodeling as much as I did. I sometimes wonder why we never talked about it before. I'm glad we are talking about our memories now.

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Anonymous said...

I sure am cute here!! Look at that wicked smile, I can still smile like that...witchy one