Monday, February 16, 2009

What I miss the most.

There are things I miss about being in a relationship. The most important is the touch of a man. The sweet caresses. The playful tickle on the back of my neck. The loving tug of my ear lobe. The warmth of his strong, gentle hands on my skin. Ahh, sigh.

I have a theory about what happens to skin when it is not lovingly touched by another on a regular basis. I believe lack of touch makes the skin unhealthy, wrinkled, dull and things grow on it.

The other thing, and you may find this hard to believe, is the snoring. I'm sure many a man has suffered a concussion from being biffed in the head for snoring, (I think there could be some brain damage involved). To me snoring is sweet music. A kind of symphony, that lulls me. A song that reminds me I am not alone.

What keeps the twinkle in my eye even tho I miss these things? Knowing that I will someday have them again, and the next time will be better. Deeper, dreamy sigh.

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TheChicGeek said...

Awww, so well said. I think I can do without the snoring
You have a lovely blog!