Friday, March 27, 2009

Granny's kisses must be magic

Every day through the wonders of technology, I visit with my sisters. We video chat at some point in the day. This week on two occasions Barb has been watching her grandchildren. Their reaction to the webcam is funny, and Barb's reaction to them is even funnier.

The other day the oldest, four year old Cody, cut his hand on a window. It was Granny's love and kisses that made those cuts all better. Then there is Logan, who comes to Granny crying his little heart out, over some hurt that you would think can't be fixed with Granny's love. Several Granny kisses later, and there are no signs of injury, and he is back playing. The same is true with Barb's little Princess Savannah. Granny kisses and a song help Savannah fall to sleep. I watched the magic repeatedly!

This morning while Barb and I were visiting, Logan came crying into the room. He was so in need of Granny kisses to make the owwie all better. This time however, there were no magic kisses to be delivered from Granny's lips. For you see, Logan had hurt his dupa, and Granny said she had to draw the line somewhere......she isn't going to kiss anybody's butt!


Katy said...

Boni, that made me laugh out loud! I'm still chuckling. Thank you, and have a great weekend :-)

Anonymous said...

I love every min of the crying, ouchs and the "Oh come here Granny will kiss it and make it better". Love and being love to this extent is something I just could not fathom in my wildest dreams. The unconditional love that I see in their eyes just amazes me. When they go home I relax and then start to worry that I wont be there to kiss them and make them better. Thank you for writing this I love you very much little sister. witch2 (your big sister)

Fram said...

You made me laugh, too.

I thought Gerald was a new guy. I did not recall the name of the bum from your initial posts. See how easy it can be to forget him?

Take care, and keep on writing.