Thursday, March 26, 2009

Then I saw his face

I thought love was only true in fairy tales
Meant for someone else but not for me.
Love was out to get me
that's the way it seemed.
Disappointment haunted all my dreams.

Then I saw his face..........
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeaahhhh

There was something in his shy smile, and twinkle in his smiling eyes. I felt I knew him. His name was Gerald.

The more I got to know Gerald, the more I felt he was Milton. I can't explain it really. I told Gerald about the Milton Quest. I told him I believed he was Milton. Gerald told me he was Milton. He signed his love notes "Milton". I was happy to have finally found him, and the quest would be over. The quest I had invested so many years in, was finally over.

So, I ask again, what to do when the quest ends?


Fram said...

Just don't jump. Take it one step at a time. Make him earn you.

its_me_in_montana said...

Oh, he is over. He is the reason this blog was started. I am glad to say, he is not the reason it continues.

Katy said...

Oh my goodness, how I love that song - "I'm a believer" - Can I just say, Boni, you have made my morning by having that playing on your blog! :-)

So perhaps Gerald wasn't Milton after all, or perhaps he was-in one of his guises? I do think (and hope) that there is more than one 'Milton' out there for all of us. When you're ready, and only when you're ready, may the quest begin again.

its_me_in_montana said...


I do believe there is more than one Milton. The loss of "Milton", is part of what will take longer for me to heal. You are right, Gerald did and does wear many dis-guises.

What's that saying? You have to kiss a lot of toads, before you find your prince!

Glad I could help start your day out on a happy note. Smile often Katy.

Ted A. Brooks said...

life is a journey and those frogs were amusing but will never turn into price charming, may all that you hope and desire be at your doorstep. . . today is my first day in the blogging universe and it is so amazing
Angel Blessings

its_me_in_montana said...

Ted A. Brooks,

Welcome to the blog universe! Thank you for the angel blessings.

I don't have my hopes pinned on a prince charming. Writing about the quest helped me a lot, to accept its end. My sister asked me once, what it was about Gerald that made him Milton. I really couldn't answer, accept to say I knew it in my place of knowing.

I am ever open to a new quest. I think I will call it "In Search of Biffle".

Have a great day, and thanks for stopping by.